Love Won't Leave You Out in The Rain

yup, posting lagu lagi.
karena ngga ada yang lebih tepat selain lirik lagu ini.
bikin yang sedih jadi gembira?
ngerti, ngga senaif itu.
bisa menyelesaikan masalah?

but, just read it
sing it
or pretend that somebody sings this song for you
and then give me a sign if you comprehend

Love Won’t Leave You Out in The Rain

why so blue
why do you start to break
under a misty moon
under your skies of grey
well, in this life, you know
storms are bound to come
but try not to worry about it
sun’s gonna shine again
love won’t leave you out in the rain

so walk that road
remembering you’re not alone
you got someone to lean on
something to call your own

just have a little faith and then
when the clouds roll in
you won’t have to worry about it
love’s gonna shelter you
love won’t leave you out in the rain

and when life seems to lose all rhythm
love’ll show you how to dance
given half a chance
and given time, in love you’ll find
a peaceful place, a friendly place
a harbor on the sea of loneliness

mark my words
love’s gonna cover you
and when you’re stuck, in the dead of night
love’s gonna pull you through
and I’ll be the one you know
sayin’ “I told you so”
and life will be easier livin’
once you begin to learn
love won’t leave you out in the rain.

sung by Michael English

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